Friday, January 1, 2010

Square one.

I've always loved New Year's since it brings lots of positivity and hope. 2009 was generally an awful year for the country since there was Ondoy, Peping and the Maguindanao Massacre. But personally, the past year was so-so, okay, average, fair and alright. Nothing really remarkable happened excpet for the Diliman transfer and the big 18th.

Last night, we celebrated New Year's Eve here at home. Like the usual, we had booze, food and loud music to hype ourselves up. Maniego relatives joined us and made the event more exciting! While waiting for the clock to strike 12am, I was busy greeting and texting some friends. I could never thank them enough for keeping me sane. And events like New Year's give me the opportunity to express how grateful I am for having them.

Aside from finally being able to use my Moleskine planner, I love New Year's 'cos it unintentionally gives me hope and the mindset that 2010 will be legendary and awesome. I actually don't know what to expect but I'm wishing it'll be a good one for everyone.

2010, please be mine.


  1. My 2009 was so-so din. 2008 was still the best year for me. :) Sana 2010 will be better! Haha

    Alam mo ba, I think I'm stuck on being 17 :p

  2. Me too! If there's one thing I really want, it's to be 17 forever! :)) Hello, Desa!