Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wish us luck.

Although a lot of people have been telling me how much they admire me for my patience, I'd like to believe that I am an impatient person. Sure, I don't mind waiting for a couple of minutes and I'm willing to handle annoying little kids. But given the fact that I am a rational human being, my patience could only reach up to a certain limit.

I was never a fan of group works but I am not an introvert, thank you. I just hate it because there's a big chance that only two people will work on the job of six people. What's worse is when no one initiates to start on the work and the next thing you know, you're days away from the deadline. One brave soul makes the first move and then boom, he automatically gets all the workload. Group works could really get messy and stressful. I'd rather work on an individual project wherein you get to do things whenever and wherever you want. You won't need to worry about inconsiderate group mates and cramming at its finest. Well, the latter's an unavoidable and natural thing. Ha ha. But still, you're assured that you'll get the job done.

Obviously, group works and all its cons have been bothering and stressing me out the past few days. Our group's assigned to report immediately when classes resume and we're not yet ready for it. I guess we need a one big good luck hug.


  1. *Goodluck hug!* Don't worry, Ate Megs. You'll be just fine. Do your best! >:D<

    I followed you already! :>

  2. Thank you, Roleen! I read your comment just now :)) I miss you!